Internment Archives


The following individuals deserve special recognition for making this archive possible.

David D. Lowman, a former high-ranking officer in the National Security Agency who died before his book MAGIC was published, served as the inspiriation for this project. His wife Eleanor Lowman made possible the posthumous publication of her husband's book.

Lee Allen, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who served as an Intelligence Plans Officer for Terrorism at the Defense Intelligence Agency, made his private collection of documents regarding the Japanese internment available for use in this archive and annotated many of the database entries for these records so it would be easier for others to conduct research into this controversial event in American history. As the former publisher of Athena Press he also gave permission for the appendices of MAGIC, a book he published, to be included on this site.

Brett Rasmussen, a database programmer in Provo, Utah, provided the technical expertise that made this project possible. Using open source tools like PHP and MySQL Brett took a fairly complex project and turned it into an easy to use archive.

Lisa Rasband, an independent writer and editor, reviewed the site for technical accuracy. She helped make sure the images were legible and that the links worked.

Bill Hopwood, a retired U.S. Navy Commander, helped edit the site for content accuracy and provided a lot of useful feedback.

Mary Dombrowski, a resident of Bainbridge Island, directed and produced the videos which are linked to on this site. Her most recent project, a website about POWs in the Far East, can be found at:

Any mistakes found in the site are my sole responsibility and should not be attributed to the fine individuals who have assisted in this enormous project.

Sam Allen